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So at Trustpower, we offer a range of broadband internet options, from ADSL or VDSL to ultra fast broadband. You can really simplify things by making your broadband option part of a multi plan with a combination of your electricity, phone and gas. Our power, gas and internet.
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Check out this sweet offer… Choose a new Samsung appliance for free! Rate us and Write a Review Your Rating for this listing. Select Images Browse. User Name. Review Your review is recommended to be at least characters long. Additional Details. Own or work here? Claim Now! Duration : days Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lorem sit.

Duration : 30 days Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lorem sit. Claiming your business. Telecom was especially unresponsive and the time spent waiting on the phone was the main reason we changed ISPs. However the Trust power help desk is not particularly helpful or knowledgeable, and although they promise call backs they either don't call at the arranged time or never call at all.

Our ' super-fast' fibre service is neither fast nor super.

Trustpower misleads with untrusty broadband ads – Bill Bennett

It drops out all the time, which is a problem that we didn't have with Telecom who installed the fibre connection. I have given up trying to resolve these issues through the Trustpower help line, and instead have resorted to using and paying for private IT support. I don't know if other people have problems with their trust power fibre connection, but ours are ongoing - and only started when we switched ISPs. After reading the reviews including the commerce commission prosecution I decided that they would have learnt from it addressed their issues and the offer of a new Samsung appliance sounded very attractive.

The Power was mid in pricing and was saving some money. The UFB was marginally cheaper what did I have to loose! How wrong I was. The power went across without a hitch. I duly gave notice to Vodafone and waited for the notice period to expire. Four days out I rang trustpower to check everything was on track but despite my best intentions and prior communications I found that they had already screwed it up.

The expected transfer had been turned into a new connection by trustpower and they were awaiting for Vodafone to disconnect and then would apply for a new connection.

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This would have meant that I would be without internet for anywhere between 2 to 10 days. I sent a written complaint in to trustpower They requested that I cancel my disconnection with Vodafone and tell them that it would be transferred in due course. Easy, yeah right. I contacted Vodafone and they even sent me a confirmation email that the disconnection would not take place but in reality it was too late and the disconnection proceeded.

I went back to trustpower and they told me no problem but it would take them a minimum of 2 days best, 4 days worst case to make the connection. Vodafone in the meantime had reconnected me despite me requesting them not to. OK I thought but then I got a Txt update from Trustpower who then informed me that the connection would be happening in 12 days time, 15 days from when I had initially expected. Yet again I call keeping my exasperation from expelling pointless profanities.

I really do pity the poor call centre ppl. How do they continue to keep a facade front up. You cannot get to speak to anyone who actually knows what is going on. The complaints process is a complete and absolute waste of time. I politely told them to cancel the connection.

I went and spoke to Vodafone who despite my apparent disloyalty gave me a deal in order to keep me.

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I have been a customer for some 20 years so obviously that helped. If its too good to be true then it is.

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I can only liken my experience Trustpower to this. I opened an account for electricity, never opened one for internet. The previous tenant had broadband, and Trustpower just carried over the broadband, assuming that I wanted the "naked" service. The last straw came two weeks ago, when I stopped receiving a TV signal.

I sought the assistance of an online technician, but we were unable to to get it working and the best he could suggest was for me to contact the TV manufacturer Samsung and seek its advice. I have cancelled my broadband, telephone and internet service with Trustpower and gone back to Vodafone, but this has not been without a hitch.

When their contractor arrived to set things up he got Sky TV up and running, but not my landline telephone. A service connection box down the road that serves my local area is currently inaccessible. It is surrounded by vegetation including a large Toi Tio plant, which apparently has a protection order upon it. My despairing man at Vodafone tells me they liaising with the Wellington City Council to clear the growth, so that they can access the box. Promises, promises … a Trustpower deal that went wrong October 22, Article , Business , Frontpage , Opinion 2 comments. I brought this anomaly to the attention of Trustpower, who duly informed me that a brand new fibre connection needed to be installed … We cannot cancel your previous copper services with your old provider on your behalf due to privacy reasons and this is something you will need to liaise with Vodafone directly about.

Meantime my landline remains dead and all incoming calls are being diverted to my cell phone. Become a Supporter Professionals - 'At work' users of Scoop need to have a ScoopPro licence, this keeps Scoop open and licensed users enjoy pro news tools. More about ScoopPro. October , Scoop on Facebook. Wellington Scoop on Twitter.

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